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All About Russian Women For Dating And Marriage - What Russian Women Want

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What Russian Women Want And Where To Find These Russian Women Safely
If you are eager to find a Russian woman to bring to your country and marry you are certainly not alone. Russian women are very appealing to American and European men. According to many women who are active members of Russian dating and marriage agencies here is a list of the things that are most important to Russian women and what they are looking for in a man overseas who they would marry.

imageFirst and foremost a Russian girl wants to meet a man who is not full of false preconceived notions and myths that tend to run rampant about Russian women and Russian marriage and dating agencies. Among the most common myths are that the Russian women, who are members of these marriage and dating agencies, are poor or living a hopeless life hoping and praying for a wealthy American or European man to save them. The women that are members of the better Russian dating agencies are college educated and have great careers. Their desire for meeting men overseas stem from the fact that there are much fewer Russian men than Russian women in Russia, most Russian men are married by the time they are 25, and the ones who are not married, are only interested in casual relationships and/or are alcoholics.

A Russian woman wants a man who has his act together in terms of career and income. He certainly doesn't have to be rich but a Russian woman would not be so interested in a guy that flips burgers at McDonald's. Since most single Russian women are fairly ambitious, and well-educated with good careers they want a man who will at least match them or be even with them on that level. There are some Russian women who are members of Russian dating sites who are looking for a guy who is wealthy but there are plenty of women who would be plenty happy with the guy who has an average middle of the road income.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs you would definitely not be the type of guy a Russian woman would even consider. If a Russian girl wants an alcoholic man she would date a Russian man.

You must be honest and law-abiding. There are plenty of men in Russia who have a six-figure income but the majority of them make their money by dishonest or illegal means. If a Russian lady wanted a dishonest crook she would be happy meeting men from Russia.

A Russian girl from a marriage and dating agency is looking for a man who is marriage minded and ready to settle down. This is one of the reasons Russian ladies don't mind older American or European men.

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